By popular request our internationally acclaimed Helideck Inspection Awareness Training (HIAT) Course has been modified to cater for international applicants throughout the current COVID-19 restrictions. The online HIAT training course is delivered fully online with an option of a live interactive element hosted by one of Flight Safety's experienced specialist trainers if required. 


Helideck Inspection Awareness Training (HIAT)

Aeronautical Enterprises and Flight Safety Africa provide detailed Helideck Inspection Awareness Training (HIAT) courses that are based on UKCAA CAP 437 and in addition will include information gleaned from local operations.

The Helideck Inspector Awareness Training (HIAT) course has now been extended to include onshore HLS (Helicopter Landing Site) design and an in-depth profile on HLSO (Helicopter Landing Site Officer) training.

All the relevant documentation associated with offshore Helideck and onshore HLS operations is provided as part of the course material.

Courses can be delivered either on site, at one of our international training locations, or during an Aeronautical Enterprises training session held periodically in Melbourne. 

A 'Certificate of Participation' is issued to all participants. HIAT Certification allows Company employees to conduct 1st and 2nd Party helideck inspections on Helidecks for the organisation or group of organisations listed on the Certificate. This does not take away the responsibility for an external 3rd party quality Inspection to be conducted in keeping with UKCAA CAP 437 and Oil & Gas Industry requirements.

HIAT Course Profile

The HIAT course, based on the UKCAA CAP 437 Standard industry norm - recognised by all major oil and gas exploration companies operating offshore, provides an effective inspection regime with associated legal and insurance coverage.

It has become evident that Helideck Inspection Awareness Training is not only critical to the Helideck Inspection approval process but also to each crew member operating offshore, as in the final analysis the crew members, or specifically the pilot-in-command, has final responsibility for ensuring that the Helicopter Landing Site or Helideck is fit for purpose – this is not viable without formal awareness training.

In addition all HLO's involved in issuing the final clearance to land on the Helideck, should have undergone this training.

Other persons or agencies with an interest in Helideck standards (e.g. national civil aviation authorities, governmental health and safety executives, offshore oil and gas representative organisations) should also consider the formal training process.

Due to the constant changes, refresher training should take place at two yearly intervals – the refresher course requirement is covered in one day.

The two day Helideck Inspector Awareness Training Course covers as a baseline the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Publication 437 Standard, (Edition 9, 2023), also included, as relevant –

  • Australian CASR 1998/CAR 1988/Civil Aviation Act 1988/CAO's and CAAP's
  • International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) - Annex 14 Part II Heliports
  • IOGP (International Association of Oil & Gas producers) Standard
  • ICAO Heliports Manual
  • UKOOA North Sea Standards
  • Best Global Industry Practice

The Course includes but is not limited to:


  • Basic auditing and inspection technique
  • Inspector equipment requirements
  • Offshore Installation protocols and procedures
  • National regulatory requirements
  • CAP 437 update differences


  • Landing area dimensions, surface, lighting and markings
  • Helideck equipment, including -
    • Rescue and fire-fighting arrangements
    • Radio Equipment
    • Meteorological Equipment
    • Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems
    • Approach Aids
  • Safety Nets/Helideck and Perimeter
  • Turbulence created by superstructure and/or exhausts
  • Access stairways
  • Obstruction Environment
  • Protective Clothing
  • Refuelling Facility
  • Helideck Crew
  • Documentation requirements

Training: Cross check on all training requirements

  • Dangerous goods
  • Weather Observer
  • VHF Radio licencing

New Build Certification Technique:

New Builds are assessed for CAP 437 compliancy at the design stage, during construction and at final commissioning before operations commence. An overview of these processes is included.

The course also highlights the particular duties placed upon personnel involved in Helideck operations 

  • Helicopter Company Personnel
  • Offshore Installation Personnel
  • Logistics and HSE Managers
  • Personnel required to perform inspections of helicopter landing areas

Group Bookings Onshore, Offshore or International

Group bookings of 5 delegates or more for onshore, offshore or international courses may be eligible for a substantial course fee discount. Email Aeronautical Enterprises or complete our Aeronautical Enterprises Training Enquiry Form to find out how much a group booking could save your company.

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Helideck Inspection Awareness Training (HIAT) Course - Melbourne, Australia

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Group discounts for onshore, offshore or international courses are available, contact Aeronautical Enterprises to find out more.

Group bookings of 5 delegates or more for onshore, offshore or international courses may be eligible for a substantial course fee discount. Email Aeronautical Enterprises or complete our Contact Form to find out how much a group booking could save your company.

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