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The Flight Safety group of Companies have over 20+ year's of global experience providing the following specialised aviation services:

  • Specialised External Aviation Safety and Compliance Audits of Service Providers and AOC Holders

  • Aerodrome and Helicopter Landing Site Inspections and Design Advice

  • Aviation Risk Management/Risk Assessment

  • Accident/Incident Investigations

  • ISO 9001:2015 Aviation Manuals & Procedures

  • Outsourced/Onsite Expertise

  • AOC Startup & Management

  • Safety Management Systems

  • Aviation Medical Industrial Friction Testing

  • Military & Police Aviation Consultation

  • Aviation Consultancy Services including; Aviation Management Processes, Expert Witness Tribunal and Council Hearings, AOC Applications and Restructuring, and Expert Legal Advice

The Flight Safety Group involvement in the global spread of sectors within the aviation industry is invaluable, as it allows interaction with national as well as international regulatory systems - an involvement that is critical to the accumulation and interpretation of current and evolving legislation and procedures. 

Flight Safety (Australia) CEO is a member of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority CASA - Part 139 (Airports, Helidecks, and Heliports) working group, involved in the amendment and upgrade process of regulations and criteria for Helidecks, Heliports (surface level and elevated hospital) in Australia. 

Flight Safety has trained CASA delegates in Offshore and Onshore landing sites for both design and procedural control.

As a leader in the Australian aviation auditing industry for over 20+ years; contracts include the provision to provide external aviation audits of service providers, AOC holders, aerodrome inspections, aircraft inspections, helideck inspections and quality/safety management training; including the implementation of formal I.C.A.O. Safety Management Systems for national and international clients. Flight Safety provides general and comprehensive aviation consultancy and expert technical advice to both private and public sectors.  

Flight Safety also conducts accident and serious incident investigations and training, utilising the Tripod, HFACS/HFIX investigation methodology. The company is constantly called upon to advise government, private and commercial professionals in the correct measures needed to adhere to regulatory requirements both nationally and internationally. Flight Safety can communicate complex rules and concepts to achieve compliance for both the client and the regulator.

Flight Safety has relevant and current experience with the development and/or redevelopment of aviation and company specific minimum standards. Flight Safety was instrumental in the implementation of CAAP 71 Helidecks (Offshore) Abu Dhabi offshore regulations and the Malaysian Airport Standards Directive ASD904.

We have verified abilities to deliver specific topic research, analysis and information gathering of supporting material, demonstrated by our involvement with the ICAC independent commission against corruption and various legal investigations.

Flight Safety operates under a Quality Management System (QMS) that is ISO 9001:2015 Certified by LRQA (Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited). All Flight Safety personnel hold professional aviation qualifications and are ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor trained with extensive aviation backgrounds.

Within this high risk realm we are committed to exceeding the expectations of our clients and the industry by surpassing contract performance and maintaining a high level of integrity to ensure that safety is always the predominant consideration.

We value the skills, professionalism, ethics and commitment of our staff and are committed to providing them the resources and opportunity to develop their initiative, talents and creativity to maximise their contribution for the success of our company and the continued satisfaction of our clients.

As a team we strive, at all times, to both protect and enhance the reputation of Flight Safety for providing the highest standard of quality in all its activities.

To that end, and in our commitment to continual improvement, we have established quality and management systems, based on the international standard ISO 9001:2015 as well as the Safety System requirements of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA).

The Managing Director, as the Accountable Manager, is directly responsible for the performance of this Quality Management System.

The Company’s commitment, as a provider of external aviation audit and risk management services, together with other aviation support services is dedicated to the following:

  • A clear vision of the company’s policies, goals and objectives.
  • The continuous development and upgrading of training programs.
  • The achievement of the highest levels of safety through the continual development and maintenance of a corporate ‘culture’ focusing on quality and safety. We are determined to create a safe working environment for all personnel in all our operations.
  • Provision, to our clients, of the highest standard of reliability and performance at a competitive price.
  • The development and maintenance of mutually beneficial relationships with clients and service providers alike.
  • Provision of all necessary resources and support to ensure the effective operation of the Company’s quality and safety systems.
  • Involvement of all staff in the continual improvement of the Company’s processes.
  • Regular monitoring and reviewing of all Company systems and processes to ensure continual compliance and improvement.
  • The constructive use of feedback from customers and staff to identify opportunities for improvement and rectify shortcomings in our service.

Flight Safety applies typical ISO 9001:2015 auditing techniques, such as opening meeting, only auditing with auditee key personnel present, closing meeting with mutual agreement on non-compliances based on objective evidence. Checklists are used as an aide-mémoire during the audit.

This methodical process is recorded in a comprehensive final report that includes digital photographic records of all relevant aspects of the audit. Post audit guidance is offered as to the most appropriate corrective and preventative action.

Over 2,000 audits have been carried out on rotary and fixed wing operations in charter, airline/regional airline, helicopter offshore operations including Helideck inspections, geophysical survey, emergency medical service, marine pilot transfer, and these involve the full spectrum of air operations, ground operations including security.

Risk Assessment

Flight Safety uses qualitative and quantitative risk assessment techniques developed specifically for all types of aviation activities as described.

Risk Management

Risk management is integrated into all quality management control structures.

Audit Reporting

Flight Safety has introduced a risk-assessed audit reporting technique whereby an Air Operating Company is audited accorded to a graded risk system and provide a one page organisational executive summary. The detail of the audit can then be followed through into the report if required.

We specialise in incident/accident systems analyses where organisational systems and procedures are examined to identify causal failures, once this has been completed it is then possible to apply corrective/preventative actions.

The Flight Safety group of Companies are established in various national and international markets. We are the permanently appointed aviation advisors for many companies involved in the resource industry, military, public and private sectors.

The audits conducted by the Flight Safety group of Companies involve rotary and fixed wing operations in; charter, airline/regional airline, helicopter offshore operations, including helideck inspections, marine pilot transfer, geophysical survey, airport/refuelling facilities, emergency medical service - the full spectrum of air operations, including maintenance.

Our services also include post accident/incident – AOC Management/Safety Management systems investigation and analysis on behalf of various clients, usually requested by the Board or executive management as a pro-active active accident prevention strategy.


  • Risk Analyses and Critical Safety Management of Certified, Prepared and Unprepared Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Landing Sites
  • Presentation at the 2013 ASA+FNA 25th Scientific Meeting, Melbourne, Australia, August 2013. Download as PDF: FSafety_Aeromedical Conference_29082013_Final.pdf
  • The Intrinsic Quality of Aviation Safety Management Systems Indexed and Expressed Mathematically, Accurately Indicate Developmental Status, thus Facilitating Comparative Assessment and Trend Analysis Paper
  • Presented at the 10th Australian International Aerospace Congress incorporating the 14th National Space Engineering Symposium 2003, 29 July – 1 August 2003, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Paper number AIAC 2003–060 Download: AIAC 2003–060

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