Flight Safety Terms and Conditions

If there is an alternate, pre-existing contractual arrangement between the CLIENT and Flight Safety, the contractual Terms and Conditions will be used in the first instance.

Flight Safety Terms and Conditions apply for all services performed by Flight Safety Pty Ltd, Flight Safety Helideck Certification Pty Ltd, Flight Safety New Zealand, Aeronautical Enterprises Pty Ltd.

General Terms, Fees and Payment Terms

  • Consultancy and Standard Audit Domestic/International rates per written quote/agreement or contractual arrangement.
  • All Transport, Air Fares (Business Class for all International flights 6 hours and over / Premium Economy with extra leg room for International Flights under 6 hours) and Accommodation (4-star) is to be booked and paid for by the CLIENT prior to tasking and Itineraries confirmed with Flight Safety. Any Transport, Airfares and Accommodation not pre-paid by the Client will be invoiced at cost plus a service charge of 10%, unless a pre-existing contractual arrangement exists that states otherwise.
    Note: Extra legroom is a Flight Safety minimum requirement for fatigue management on ALL long haul flights. If a Premium Economy flight is booked for an international flight an extra day for rest prior to Flight Safety services commencing, will be required and invoiced at the Standard Day Rate to the Client.  
  • Subsistence expenses incurred will be invoiced at cost upon completion of services.
  • All costs/expenses associated with delivering the service will be invoiced at cost upon completion of services, including but not limited to the transportation/freight and customs fees associated with the import/export of the Friction Tester if required. An equipment stand-by rate of $450.00, limited to the maximum replacement cost, will be charged per day the equipment is delayed in customs.
  • Additional days incurred including, but not limited to, stand-by days, inductions, layover days due to travel timing, weather delays, extra days necessary to complete the scope of work and any additional days at Client request/requirement, will be invoiced for a full standard day (8 hours) at Flight Safety standard rates per quote or contractual arrangement.
  • Domestic Travel Time is calculated on actual hours engaged in travel from home base to audit/inspection, including flight time (not included for domestic Audits only if the total flight time is less than 4hours and is synonymous with the audit/inspection day). Charged at standard hourly rate.
  • International Travel Time is calculated at a flat standard full day for each leg of the trip. Charged at standard day rate.
  • All fees for the Services provided are to be paid strictly within fourteen (14) calendar days of Flight Safety issuing a Tax Invoice to the Client, unless a pre-standing contract or written agreement between Flight Safety and the Client exists. A 5% surcharge will be applied for all late payments.
  • Flight Safety will issue the invoice electronically via email only.
  • All information required by the Client to process payment including but not limited to; certificates, authorisations, timesheets, international tax requirements and specific company documentation, must be requested from Flight Safety prior to services commencing. Due dates and associated late fees will not be altered due to late requests for documentation.
  • A FRICTION TEST is a CAP 437 requirement unless a Helideck net is utilised. One additional day is required for a Friction Test.
    Certification Approval Periods for Friction Test Average Scores: 0.65 to 0.69 – 6 months, 0.7 to 0.84 – 12 Months, 0.85 and above – 36 Months.
  • Flight Safety uses a Findlay Irvine Friction Tester, the ONLY compliant CAP 437 Friction Tester. It is required to be transported to the Helideck as part of the Inspector’s luggage and at the Client's expense.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • If GST is imposed on supply of Flight Safety services rendered, the Client must pay in addition to any amount payable (GST-exclusive), an additional amount calculated by multiplying the prevailing GST rate by the amount payable (GST-exclusive). Unless otherwise stated all prices and amounts referred to in this Quote, are GST- exclusive.

International Taxes

  • The Client shall pay, in addition to service fees and expenses, any international tax, Value Added Tax, or similar tax howsoever described, and any associated fees levied by any competent taxing authority, chargeable in respect of services supplied by Flight Safety, provided Flight Safety provides the Client with a valid tax invoice, as required under the Legislation to enable a tax credit to be obtained by the Client. Unless otherwise stated all prices and amounts referred to in this Quote, are Tax - exclusive.


 Flight Safety refers to all entities of the Flight Safety group of Companies

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