Safety First!

05/25/23 01:04:pm

We all know safety is paramount in aviation, and creating a safety culture within aviation organisations is critical.
A safety culture is a way of thinking and acting that places safety at the core of every decision and action, which not only promotes safety, but it also enhances efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction.
To foster a safety culture, organisations need to prioritise safety through safety training and communication.
Safety training should be provided to all employees to ensure they understand the importance of safety and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain safe operations. This training should be ongoing, and employees should be regularly updated on new safety procedures and regulations.
Communication is also key to developing a safety culture. Organisations should encourage open communication among employees and management, and create an environment where employees feel comfortable reporting safety concerns or incidents without fear of retribution.  Effective communication ensures that everyone is on the same page and promotes collaboration in maintaining safety.
By prioritising safety culture within aviation organisations, we can ensure that every day is a safe one.
The Flight Safety Group has developed an Integrated Aviation Safety/Quality Management Course, which is now available online. 
The IASQM course is designed to provide aviation professionals with comprehensive training in aviation safety and quality management, together with the basics of auditing, helping them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to improve safety and enhance quality in the aviation industry.
View the IASQM course details here
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