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05/25/23 01:13:pm

Weather plays a critical role in aviation safety, especially when it comes to offshore helidecks. The harsh and unpredictable conditions that helicopters face while flying to and from offshore platforms make it even more important for helicopter operators and pilots to be well-prepared and equipped to handle any weather-related risks.
So, how do helicopter operators and pilots prepare for and manage weather-related risks? Firstly, they rely on advanced weather monitoring systems and forecasts to track any upcoming weather events. This information is then analysed to assess the potential risks and impacts on helicopter operations, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding flight operations.
In addition to weather monitoring systems, helicopter operators and pilots also utilise various other tools and resources to manage weather risks, such as radar and satellite imagery, real-time weather updates, and expert advice from meteorologists. This allows them to make informed decisions about flight routes, altitude, and timing, and to take appropriate measures to avoid any potential hazards.
Moreover, pilots and operators receive extensive training in adverse weather operations and are required to maintain proficiency in these skills through regular training and simulations. This enables them to stay current with the latest techniques and best practices for managing weather-related risks, and to ensure that they are fully prepared to handle any challenges that may arise.
The impact of weather on aviation safety on and around offshore helidecks cannot be understated. It is critical that helicopter operators and pilots are well-prepared and equipped to manage weather-related risks, and that they have access to the latest tools and resources to make informed decisions about flight operations. By prioritising safety and investing in advanced weather monitoring systems and training, we can ensure that offshore helicopter operations continue to be safe and reliable for everyone involved.
The Flight Safety Group offers an Offshore Meteorological Weather Interpretation Training online course – visit for more information.
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