The Benefits of Using Drones

09/08/23 10:56:am

The Benefits of Using Drones for Offshore Helideck Inspections in the Oil and Gas Industry
In the dynamic world of the oil and gas industry, precision and efficiency are paramount. Ensuring the safety and functionality of assets, such as offshore rigs and refineries, is essential for both the well-being of personnel and the bottom line. Traditionally, conducting inspections in such environments has been a complex and often hazardous task, but the emergence of drones has revolutionised the way these inspections are carried out. There are numerous advantages of using drones for offshore helideck inspections in the oil and gas sector, including:
Structural Integrity - Drones can closely inspect the helideck's structure, including the deck surface, support beams, and guardrails, for signs of corrosion, cracks, wear and tear, or any structural damage.
Surface Condition - They can assess the condition of the helideck surface, checking for debris, foreign objects, or damage that could impact helicopter landings and take-offs.
Lighting Systems - Inspection of the helideck's lighting systems, including approach and perimeter lights, to ensure they are operational and in compliance with safety regulations.
Safety Netting and Netting Supports - Evaluation of safety netting and its supports to verify that they are in place and secure to prevent objects from falling onto lower levels.
Heliport Markings and Signage - Assessment of heliport markings, including the helideck's identification markings and landing circle, as well as the visibility and condition of signage.
Helideck Support Structures - Examination of any support structures adjacent to the helideck, including communication towers, antennas, and safety barriers, to ensure they do not pose a hazard.
Obstacle Clearance - Verification of obstacle clearance zones around the helideck to ensure that there are no obstructions that could impede helicopter operations.
Photographic Documentation - Capturing high-resolution images and videos of the entire helideck and its surroundings to document the current condition for reference and analysis.
By evaluating these critical aspects, drones contribute to the overall safety, efficiency, and compliance of offshore helideck operations, helping to identify and address issues proactively and ensuring a secure environment for helicopter transport in the oil and gas industry.
The Flight Safety Group is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Helideck, Helipad, Layout Design Appraisal, Helicopter Landing Structure Suitability Assessment, Friction Testing, Safety and Operational Assessments and Certifications.
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